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Welcome. We’re happy you stopped by. We are a group of blind and visually impaired individuals who enjoy spending time learning, playing and chatting with each other. This site and its chat rooms are open to all, and everyone is welcome.

Everyone has different abilities and talents, and we can all teach each other something. Come in and chat, and who knows, you may learn something from our members, or they may learn something from you. Our Motto is:

New Visions Network, with old-fashioned values.

A Word from our President (Debbie Kelly):

Welcome aboard the New Visions Network. We are a chat site for the blind, their family, friends, trainers and pets. We hope your journey with us will be enjoyable, entertaining and educational.

A Word from our Vice-President (Chuck Warren):

Welcome Aboard!

I am pleased that you are going to join us in our New Vision. This site was created by a group of friends with a New Vision. Our dream has come to life, and we would like you to continue our dream by adding ideas of your own.

We see for the future, a place where people can come and share with others. We have brought to this site our ideas, and we can all help each other find a place for everyone. Join us, enjoy and have fun. Share with us, and we will share with you. Remember this is a

New-Vision with old-fashion values.

A Word from our Webmaster (James Gagnier):

I wish to welcome everyone to the New Visions Network web page and chat rooms. We have attempted to make navigation on this site as easy as possible. Every page has the same look and feel and has been designed with accessibility in mind. You can access practically everything on the site from the menu and the footer links.

What you’ll find:

Title Description
Schedule We offer several events such as seminars, games and tournaments for you to participate in. This link will provide you with a weekly schedule of events.
What’s New: When ever we have any new items on the site, such as new information on our static site or new events, you can always find this information by entering on this link.
About Us: On this page, you will meet our board of directors, advisory board, management team, and our moderators and tec-team. You can find out a bit about the site and who we are.
Join Us: Click on this link to join our chat site. You will be required to familiarize yourself with our policies and fill out a form where you will provide us with a user name that you can then use to enter our chat rooms.
Contact Us: You can contact the New-Visions-Network management staff from the e-mail links on this page.
Help: If at any time you have questions, or require assistance with your computer and our chat site, you can go to our help page where you can obtain information on our site and chat client. You can email our helpdesk for assistance, where one of our qualified tec-team members will be happy to help you.
Events and Games: This page offers background information on our events and games. Here you can find articles pertaining to our events, rules to our games and other varied information.
Easy as 1-2-3: This page contains often used short 1 2 3 tutorials on anything from configuring the chat client to how to adjust your microphone settings.
E-mail Lists: We provide several email lists for your information and entertainment. We have lists on a variety of topics from cooking to games. This page describes each of our lists and provides links for you to subscribe or unsubscribe to each individual list. Please note, that all events on our site are advertised on our Announcement list, and we would advise you to sign up once you become a member in order to keep informed of site activities.
Links: Our staff and members have discovered links that are quite useful like, and you can find them on this page. If you have a link you want to share, we would be happy to include it. Please email it to
Downloads: Our Downloads page includes our selections for accessible and easy to use software and Jaws scripts.
Archives: As we offer events, some of these will be added to this page for download should you miss it when it was scheduled.
Docs: We will post all our official documents, board agendas and minutes on this section of our site for your convenience and review.
Donations This link will take you to our Donations page where we explain how you can support the site. We are presently in the process of obtaining non-for-profit status. It’s very important to note that while donations are appreciated they are in no means mandatory. This site and it’s content is free for all.
Home: This link will always bring you back to the WelcomePage.
Footer Links: At the bottom of each page, you can link to our Chat Room Policy, Privacy statement and disclaimer. These links will open in a new browser window. If you have any questions on any of our policies feel free to ask our moderators.

Remember, if you have any questions or comments, contact us. Enjoy your stay, and we’re looking forward to talking with you.

New Visions Network, with old-fashioned values
NVN is not affiliated with and does not endorse any religion, belief system or political entity.


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